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IRS Tax Lawyer:  Do I need a Tax Lawyer in Roanoke, VA?

  1.  An IRS Tax Lawyer representing you offers you CONFIDENTIAL representation that no other non-lawyer can provide.  This offers you the best opportunity to tell your story and be heard, understood, and assist in developing a case strategy that best fits your needs and situation.

  2.  An IRS Tax Lawyer representing you offers you extensive experience in dealing with the Internal Revenue Service--an agency that no one should take on by themselves.  Having an experienced professional in your corner makes all the difference.

  3.  An IRS Tax Lawyer representing you offers PEACE of MIND that a knowledgeable, trained, experienced lawyer is worrying about your case instead of you doing so.  Often, a tax lawyer's advice is to assist in the preparation of your case, but many times the client is best served by attending to their work, family and life commitments.  Many times, attention to these details while the IRS Tax Lawyer works your case is a winning strategy.